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A day in the life

December 10, 2008 • By

If one had to describe the perfect day, it just might be today.  Awoke at 5:30 am to the most vibrant of sunrises which somehow with the combination of the drapes and wall paint turned my room lime green.  Breakfast on the patio consisted of warming sun and a view of the mountains not to mention homemade breads and jams.  Jill and I met Beryl at 10 am for a full day of wining activities.  Beryl explained to us about the region and her background.  She is from Cape Town, lives and works in Franschhoek and dates a Flemish man (for 8 years I might add).  She is “coloured” and informed us that many coloureds live in Franschhoek but they do not mix as much with the whites as in Cape Town.   She was very open in explaining to us the difference between blacks and coloureds.  There are many different communities or groups of people in South Africa:  The Blacks (mostly people not from here or part of one or two tribes the Zulus and I forget the other), the Coloureds are another group that usually have mixed with the Europeans at some point or another and then the whites.  It seems in Cape Town the groups are beginning to work and live together but many have told us that the Blacks and Coloureds do not like each other and remain separate.    I don’t know how Beryl survived a day with me and Jill.  We threw about 800 questions at her every second. 

Our wine tour started in Stellenbosch at the Waterford Estate please go out and buy Kevin Arnold Shiraz 2005.  It was delightful.  Next, we moved on to the Rustenberg Estate where we met a student of law.  All you lawyers out there please note that in South Africa after 4 years at Uni,they walk out with a law degree.  Stellenbosch is home to one of the largest universities in South Africa and certainly the most prestigious.  It’s where the lawyers and doctors go to educate.  We showed the student where Chicago and New York were on the map of the US and moved on to lunch. 

Meals in the winelands are like artwork….every ingredient has a purpose and each meal perfectly crafted with flavour and taste in mind.  We dined at La Petite Ferme.  I can hardly say I savoured every bite since it was so amazing I inhaled it.  The cheese starter would have been enough but I also had the beef with cranberry brie crust and a sweet potato bottom.  I know everyone is saying I thought you were going to slow down on the eating now that you are not in politics.  I’m waiting for safari when I am pretty sure I will be skipping the game and eating and munching on my peanut butter granola bars. 

We hit two more wineries after lunch Boekenhoutskloof and Grande Provence.  Both are the granddaddy of wineries in Franschhoek.  I highly recommend the Chocolate Block at Boekenhoutskloof and the Grande Provence at the latter.  Last but not least I finished the day with a one hour full body massage and CHOCOLATES. 

Tomorrow it’s back to the left side of the road and a journey to Plattenburg or somewhere unknown on the Garden Route.

Africa, Destinations

On to the Winelands

December 9, 2008 • By

Spent yesterday on Robben Island.  If I could understand the guide correctly (because I am hard of hearing and I don’t quite understand their version of Spanglish which is a mix of Afrikans and English so maybe they call it Africanlish) he was a former prisoner for 4 years.  It was a pretty humbling experience and genuinely makes you appreciate the States for our coat of many colors.

Tried shopping a bit but it is really not that much fun when you cannot buy anything.  I had to get my fix through Jill who purchased some artwork.  I could have gone to down on a sailboat painting but $500 could also buy me a few meals and I had to say no.  My will power was surely tested.

Had lunch at an amazing tapas place called FORK.  I highly recommend the seared tuna.  We met a crazy girl from the UK who has been traveling and working for the last year and has been all the way to Japan and now back here.  I admire her tenacity because I don’t think I could work in a bar in every foreign land.

If you visit Cape Town and you enjoy all types of food, please try Anatoli a Turkish gem we found.  The food was incredible and we both had a chance to flirt with the owner’s nephew a fine 25 year-old Turkish delight.  It doesn’t take much to humor us.

I am still working on the pictures.  As many of you know, my technology skills are not the finest and I need a camera shop.  The suspense is building I know.