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The Weekend Update

December 8, 2008 • By

Hi everyone,

I had to take the weekend off but lots of adventures to report.  First, I awoke Saturday morning recalling I had put my credit card and driver’s license in my jeans.  Since my mother can’t figure out how to get on my blog, I feel comfortable telling you  that it was a good hour of panic trying to find my ATM card.  Like a good mother, she warned me before I left NOT to leave things in my pockets.  Well I needed to air out my jeans after all I had already warn them 3 days in a row.  The plight of a traveler.  Anyway, this story has a positive end to it as a very kind guest turned it in and as I was on the phone with my bank at $2.49 a minute the day was saved and crisis averted. 

This weekend started off with mass amounts of touristing.  The on the bus off the busswas a big hit and I sweat my ass off at the Kirschenbosch gardens.  I’ve decided I am a big fan of receiving flowers but maybe not so into walking through gardens for 3 hours in 90 degree heat.  Anway, checked out Camps Bay again.  The adventure stops there as I was not about to swim in 40 degree water.  I can barely take a shower in 100 degreees water.  After a stop at Blues for bad service and a ROCKET salad with of course extra cheese, I wandered my way back to the hotel.  Dinner consisted of a glass of wine called Pinotage and 2 desserts.  Jill and I attempted to hit a club but after walking around for an hour trying to find it and being bombarded by the schoolies (the college kids) we decided to call it a night. 

Now to the reason behind my journey…..I mean seriously what was Vasco Da Gama thinking when he sailed around the Cape of Good Hope.  If I would have climbed to the top of that Mountain hundreds of years ago, I am confident I would have stayed for  a bit anyway.  Cape Point, as it is called, is probably one of the most spectacular sights I have seen in ages.  It is clean, crisp and the colors of the Atlantic are true blue .  Please note this is not actually where the Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet but pretty darn close.  That point is actually a few miles up the East Coast.  After being wowed by Cape Point and a few bamboo and osterich sightings we finished our journey on top of Table Mountain for sunset.  Wishing I was married or at least with a significant other, Jill and I settled for taking sexy poses of each other and pasting them to facebook.  We had a few hours to kill.  Let’s just say I need some practice in the posing department.  My favorite is the big smile showing all my teeth and the years of braces I endured.  At 8 pm, the clouds began to cover the mountain like a tablecloth —hence Table Mountain—and the sun off in the distance was beginning to set.  It was truly one of the most magnificent views I have ever seen.  To watch the clouds sort of cascade over a portion of the mountains with the sun moving beyond the ocean was beautiful. 

I woke up this morning (Monday) to my annual sinus infection and I am really glad I hauled all that airborne and nasunex.  It’s like a birthday present my body to decides to give me each time this year. 

Off to see Robben Island where Nelson Mendela was imprisoned for 18 years.  I’ll be wearing my straw hat and lots of sun block.  Last day in Cape Town and the winelands await….

I promise to download pictures tonight.