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On to the Winelands

December 9, 2008 • By

Spent yesterday on Robben Island.  If I could understand the guide correctly (because I am hard of hearing and I don’t quite understand their version of Spanglish which is a mix of Afrikans and English so maybe they call it Africanlish) he was a former prisoner for 4 years.  It was a pretty humbling experience and genuinely makes you appreciate the States for our coat of many colors.

Tried shopping a bit but it is really not that much fun when you cannot buy anything.  I had to get my fix through Jill who purchased some artwork.  I could have gone to down on a sailboat painting but $500 could also buy me a few meals and I had to say no.  My will power was surely tested.

Had lunch at an amazing tapas place called FORK.  I highly recommend the seared tuna.  We met a crazy girl from the UK who has been traveling and working for the last year and has been all the way to Japan and now back here.  I admire her tenacity because I don’t think I could work in a bar in every foreign land.

If you visit Cape Town and you enjoy all types of food, please try Anatoli a Turkish gem we found.  The food was incredible and we both had a chance to flirt with the owner’s nephew a fine 25 year-old Turkish delight.  It doesn’t take much to humor us.

I am still working on the pictures.  As many of you know, my technology skills are not the finest and I need a camera shop.  The suspense is building I know.