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Favorite travel apps from around the world

June 22, 2015 • By

My fellow traveling companions answered the call for their favorite travel APPS and websites:

Matt: So I’m a big user of the United airlines app. Lots of functions, especially being able to see where my plane is coming from. Also big fan of FlightTrack. I like TripIt for complex trips since you can forward emails from lots of different sources and it will pull this together into an itinerary. SeatGuru lets you know what are the best seats to pick and those to avoid on different plane configurations and airlines. Mobile Pass is a new mobile passport app so you know longer need to fill out the paperwork when arriving internationally. SPG hotels app lets you open your hotel room with your phone (but the hotels are limited)

Sujata: tripit, Moovit, citymapper

Katherine: Instagram! Seriously. I’m a visual person. So when I was in NZ, I used and looked at hashtags to find pictures of places in NZ that looked cool. Ended up checking out spots I would have never known about had I not see them on Instagram. Also connected me to a lot of other people who were traveling as well and we shared tips with each other.

Lizzie: Tripit

Emily: Tripadvisor – the app has some functionality where you can download info on a city/location and access it even when you are not connected via wifi or cell service.

Adam:  Google Maps!!!

Deanna: Roadtripper

Val: Courtesy of Oprah Magazine’s June 2015 issue Geosure, Hostelworld, Wandermates, Routehappy, eat.pray.move

Try them out and let me know what you think and suggest your favorites.