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My Guide from Kili Resurfaces

February 2, 2009 • By

I wanted to share an email I received from my Mt. Kili guide. I guess no good deed goes unpunished. It just shows you what people are faced with here in Africa. As a tourist and becoming close to these people, I want to help but I’m skeptical.

Dear Kelly,

How are you my friend?Sound so great to hear from you my friend.
Im sory that i was not be respond you my friend,it because i was on the kili.
Everday i remember the nice day we spent togather on kili.

My friend i had a problem that face me at this time,this is about the tour guide school that i told you my friend.
I was apply to join with this college on 3th of february and the college fee is $562 this it;s inclued all english fee, driving fees and driving licence.
Therefore my friend at this time i have $230only so my friend i beg you to borrow me $300,then i will go to refund this amount at 15th of september this year my friend.
Kelly im real waiting to hear from you my friend,becouse if i miss this chance i will go to wait it untill 3years later.

my friend i holding with hope to hear you my friend.

With worm regard,