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EL BOLICHE – El CLUB –LA DISCOTECA – BAR (You get the point)

June 19, 2009 • By

If it’s 9 pm the night after my trip to the famous club MUSEO (Museum) and I still have a headache is that an indication of a great time or simply too much vino tinta?  Hmmm maybe don’t answer that question.  Landra and I, being the big kids at our school, decided it would be a good idea to plan a school outing to the club.  We thought it was pretty hysterical that our classmates chose to go to another friend’s house for pre-party drinks rather than come to dinner with us.  I am sure that was possibly a sign of our age or maybe our strong desire for a plate full of food despite our budgets.

I started my adventure at a restaurant in San Telmo called Melano with 9 friends: Landra, Bryan and Tal from Spanglish, Arash my credit card hero, and a few other friends from school.  After a few bottles of wine and our tummies full, we headed to the club.  Museo is a well-known spot because it has two levels and on Wednesday nights it sponsors a happy hour special from 9 pm – 2 am.  Everyone comes dressed in work attire and parties until the wee hours of the morning.  I was psyched because they play 80s music on Wednesdays and that is about the only decade I am still celebrating.  Once in the club, there were about 25 of us dancing in a circle.  The 80s music was blasting and everyone was having a great time.  If one is suffering from self-esteem, this is the place to go.  The men are hungry and the music is blaring and if I didn’t have my wits about me I am fairly certain I could have been groped by several Argentinean men.  Wait that did happen!   Did I mention this place was quite the scene?

Finally, my girl Madonna made her debut and all my problems slipped away.  The younglings from my school seemed a bit scared by my dance moves and my zest for singing, Like a Prayer but then I realized something horrible.  These kids were 5-years-old in 1989.  AHHHHHH!!!!!  After one local Argentinean burned my arm with her cigarette and another spilled his drink on me, I decided if you can’t beat them join them.  Alas, the clock struck 2 am and Landra and I quickly headed for our pumpkin carriage aka taxi.  I would say it was a fairly successful evening.  There was German breakdancing, one lost wallet, one hook up, several Kodak moments, and necktie. No one remembers how I obtained said tie but my souvenir proved to be a great lasso to get my classmates moving on the dance floor.

How impressive is this?  This morning every one of us made it to class and believe it or not on time at 9 am.  I had to take a cab but don’t worry I still had time for my daily visit to Starbucks.

The other good news…I’m the only one who had a camera so there won’t be any disturbing photos showing up on the Internet.  Ash(short for Ashley from Gone with the Wind), our crazy English friend, should be worried….very, very concerned.  🙂