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Ready to Go…

November 14, 2012 • By
The Luggage.

The Luggage.

As I am writing this, I still have no idea how my boot, lidoderm patches, vitamins, antibiotics and quarts of sanitary items are going to make it on my flight to Delhi. There was a last minute purchase of a “more appropriate sized” carry-on bag (meaning legal limit) around 3 pm today and I am curious if my shoulder is going to give out carrying said bag but I am packed in every sense of the word and ready for my trip to India.

Many of you followed my African and Argentine adventures so I welcome you back to a shorter version of what I expect will be an equally fulfilling trip. I am older, wiser (let’s discuss that later) and more determined than ever to continue my travels. The definition of “exploration” is the act of searching or traveling around a terrain for the purpose of discovery of resources and information. I expect to do just that by seeing, tasting and (from what I have heard) smelling India.

For those who have missed my entries, I appreciate the encouraging words and I look forward to having you along for my journey through India.

My job has ended, my foot is healing (somewhat) and my mind is an open book. Let’s tackle India. First stop is Delhi after a 15 hour flight from Newark.

See you on the other side of the world.