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Delhi Belly OH My

November 28, 2012 • By

I was apparently in Jaipur. My credit card bill indicates I was there. My sore back is symptomatic of several hours of sleep in a hard bed and my stomach cramping suggests I came down with a bad case of Delhi Belly (Montezuma’s revenge), parasite, food poisoning whatever you call it in your country, it’s bad. My best guess is the rice and chicken at the tourist trap halfway between Agra and Jaipur was not good. That much I am certain.

My evening consisted of violent bouts of vomiting and diarrhea, which somehow Jill slept through all together. When she woke up and declared, “I didn’t sleep very well.” I bellowed back, “You must have slept fairly decent. I was barfing my lungs out and you didn’t move.” After taking some meds, I mustered up enough energy to see the Red Fort, ride an elephant and then nearly pass out in the room of mirrors. There are pictures. I vaguely remember posing form them. I weakened quickly in the sun and we speeded through the sight before the guide had to assist me back to the car. I spent the remainder of the day in the hotel room. A day of bread and bananas and sleep may have just prepped me for a final hour of shopping in Jaipur. I am now the proud owner of an emerald ring that I have wanted since I was 16and a few more house furnishings. This house I fantasize about owning one day will be mighty spectacular with all my furnishings I have purchased from around the world.