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Colombia’s Cheat Sheet

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Colombia’s Fast Facts

Safety: Travel to Colombia is safe but use caution. There is a large police presence in the cities. Be aware of fake currency

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Joining the USA and Colombia

Flag: The colors of the Colombian flag–red, blue and bright yellow–red for a reminder of its bloody past, blue for the two oceans that cover the coast (the Atlantic/Caribbean and the Pacific) and yellow for the gold that made its people rich

Weather: No seasons – land of eternal spring and summer (cool at night in Bogotá) and sun is strong due to higher altitudes


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Parilla and more

La Comida: Lunch is main meal. Corn is found in everything. Try an arepa. They are a staple in Colombia. Seafood is popular along the coasts and pork and beef inland

Dress: Blue jeans and t-shirts suit every dress code

Drugs: Coca leaves are grown more abundantly in Peru and Ecuador than Colombia

Christmas: Colombians like most Spanish countries celebrate on the 24th of December with the birth of Jesus Christ. They begin praying every night to the nativity scene from December 16- December 24

Economy: Average salary is about $400 a month. Main industries include oil, textiles, gold, coal, emeralds, shipbuilding, food processing, tourism

Cafe: Colombians do not drink coffee after 1:00 PM

Juice: Fruit juice of guava, orange or papaya is more popular than soda/pop

Botero's painting, Una Familia at the Museo Botero

Botero’s painting, Una Familia at the Museo Botero

Art and Culture: Music is a part of everyday life. Outdoor art adorns parks and plazas

Family: Families live together and move together. Family life is important to Colombians

Sport: Fútbol is popular inland and baseball along the Caribbean coast. Cycling is a popular sport and mode of transportation throughout the country

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Salt Cathedral located in a salt mine in Zipaquirá

Religion: 75 percent of Colombians are Catholic

Language: Spanish

Size: Nearly 50 million

Capital: Bogotá

Government: The Government of Colombia is a republic with a separation of powers:  Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches.  The legislature has a congress, the judiciary a supreme court and the executive a president.  Former corruption has plagued Colombia progress is being made

Drinking and Driving: The people can drive at 16, and drink at 18. The two do not mix

Body art: Tattoos are popular among men under 30

Women: Women grow their hair long to the waist. They have a reputation for being the most beautiful in world. Beauty pageants are a source of pride for Colombians