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Cape Town it is

December 4, 2008 • By

After 14 hours on South African Airways, something the flight attendant called chicken and an hour conversation with some guy from the Arctic Circle in Sweden (I really should not talk to everyone I meet), I’ve arrived in SOUTH AFRICA and a place called Cape Town.  Did I mention I already need to toss all that bug spray I packed?  What was I thinking?  A normal light packer I clearly out did myself this time.

Cape Town is gorgeous.  I mean simply incredible and that’s just the backyard of my hotel.  The Atlantic is a perfect shade of sky blue and it’s hard to see where the ocean ends and the sky begins.  Mountains surround the city and after I get some rest tonight I will be hiking 2 -4 hours up Table Mountain to see panoramic views of the city.  Cape Town seems a bit like any other international city but I need to delve in a bit more before I can report back.   

Oh and it’s WINDY!  I guess I am prone to liking cities known for wind.