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A few comments

December 11, 2008 • By

Another scenic drive along the Garden Route to a lovely place on the Indian Ocean called Plettenberg Bay.  To say I am in the middle of nowhere may be an understatement; to say I am in a luscious forest surrounded by dense bush is quite another.   I mean Jill read a manual about what not to do and topping the list was entertaining the baboons.  It’s not like I am an animal person to begin with but now I am in the Wilderness and no kidding that city is just 10 kms away from here.  I am now in the middle of a bug’s dream come true. 

My shower I just took started with brown water for about 15 minutes before I just said fuck it.  (It did eventually get hot and clear but that was after my hypothermia.)  On a positive note, it is beautiful.  The trees are rich and full and the richest green you can imagine .  You have to appreciate the nature as it occupies a vast amount of land here in SA.  I will be avoiding any sort of adventures hikes as I am pretty sure there are many snakes that are lurking in the darkness waiting to bite me.  Oh did I mention I am in complete silence and will be forced to live as one with nature.  I am finding it hard to just be but my guess is eventually I will lose my NY edge and truly unwind.  I don’t think  I would last long on a deserted island unless I could teach a bird to talk to me. 

One last commentary and I am off to a seafood dinner on the Indian Ocean.  For those with small bladders like me, you should feel very comfortable visiting SA.  These are some of the cleanest bathrooms on earth.  I mean I have never seen anything like it.  It has so impressed me that I started asking the locals about it and they contend clean bathrooms are a big deal here.  I mean it’s like going at home…fresh flowers, tp and a wonderful scent (don’t take that the wrong way). 

Tomorrow I am meeting monkeys and hanging from trees  at least that is the plan for now.