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Driving Etiquette

December 12, 2008 • By

I’ve decided US drivers are in great need of etiquette lessons from South African drivers.  When someone wants to pass you, they give a little flick of the lights.  After they pass, they give you the hazards to say thank you and then you flick the lights back to say thank you back.  I mean it’s all very nice as they are driving you off the road.  After 5 hours of driving, I think there were only 2-3 people who did not show their manners. 

Jill had issues with the entire process since she hasn’t quite mastered the blinker on the right thing but DANG are the car windows clean as a result.  She would try to cover her mistake by washing the windshield often(since our blinker is their windshield wipers).  I on the other hand feel very comfortable hugging the shoulder.  It’s not easy when you see oncoming cars to know where you are on the road. 

As the road signs say, speed kills so I stick to the left – the old ladies pace.