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Hobo on the Hill

December 31, 2008 • By

Everyone wish Danielle a happy birthday she is my friend from Chicago finally turning 30 and I am so thankful I no longer have to call her the 25-year-old hot blond.  She can now be the 30-year-old hot blond.  Danieley Happy Birthday Hong Kong style!!!!!

Back to me my favorite and only subject these days.

I’ve just booked a trek up Mt. Kili.  God help me.  I will save my thoughts on that tomorrow once I’ve told my mother.  Along with that, I just purchased $200 worth of warm clothes I did not bring with me since I was not going to do this climb.  Again, Jill has my nice warm sleeping bag I was never using.  I now have XL gloves, a hoody, thermal socks, some thing that goes around my face I keep calling BAKLAVA, a North Face hat, rain proof pants and of course since I bought this at a mom and pop shop and not a sporting goods store nothing matches.  Just call me the hobo on the Hill.  I’m renting a sleeping bag, walking sticks and whatever other shit they deemed necessary for the climb.

I am apparently trekking with two Americans one woman who lost her husband who is may age and her friend.  I will be out of touch for 7 days.  Yes camping.  I am fairly certain after 7 days of rain, snow and below zero temperatures and praying that I don’t get altitude sickness or hypothermia I will want to come home.  It’s my hope I can just get to Uganda, Egypt and Israel before that happens.  Please keep me in your thoughts I am a little scared.  More on why I would do this tomorrow.

I did tell them I am in shape which I find a little alarming after I thought my heart was going to jump on to the pavement when Jill and I did a climb.  Fingers and toes crossed not everyone makes it to the summit.