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My New Year’s Eve in Tanzania

January 1, 2009 • By

My New Year’s turned out to be better than expected.  Went to this really nice area some guy at my hotel recommended. I was a bit fearful since my cabbie had been driving down a long dark road for 10 minutes and nothing is ever that far.  I get there and it was a cute 3 floor balcony place with courtyard in middle. Had cinema, shops and then all these amazing Indian restaurants. Huge Indian population in East Africa.

I could not resist checking out the cinema it’s been like a 6 weeks since I have seen a movie.  Low and behold my typical chick flick was playing and even better it was in English.  I quickly purchased a balcony tickets for the 10 pm showing of My Best Friends Girlfriend.  Before the movie, I had an amazing dinner and listened to this totally fun band.  Please note the whole turning off your cell phone in the movie has not made it here yet.  They not only answer the phone they sit there and talk on it while the movie is playing. 

The movie ended at 11:30 and in time for me to see a fireworks display, sparklers and all sorts of fun at midnight.  The band continued on until 1 pm.  

A nice couple who had seen me alone all night (I saw them looking at me) came up to me after the movie and they were so sweet. They wished me a Happy New Year minutes before and made me a part of their group.  I was so excited that I started to cry and the woman didn’t quite understand my tears and the man clearly got it.  It was hysterical listening to him explain to her I was crying because I was happy. They were wonderful. He was English had been here 20 years. His wife died 13 years ago and this woman Tanzanian was the nanny and he married her.

Anyway, we talked for awhile and I was ready to go (need to get sleep for the big Mt. Kili climb) and they offered to leave and take me home.  Andy said it was not safe for me and boy was he right when we left we saw about 20 cabbies all drinking right outside and I would have been with one of them. They dropped me right at my hotel. He gave me his biz card. I guess sometimes you just have to trust people.

The party was interesting.  I did not realize it until it was pointed out to me but the party while quite mixed was very separated.  The Indians were all together, the blacks together and the whites.  I had not picked up on it because I am not used to seeing people all at the same place.  They often are together but then separate themselves by tables.

My Kili climb is tomorrow.  It’s been a childhood dream of mine to see the Mountain.  I think it started with Mrs. Debs in 6th grade history class.  If I am going to see it, I should just climb it right?  Tanzania and Mt. Kili always seemed so far away like not a real place.  I am hopeful I can get to the top I am worried about my being cold and the altitude but fingers crossed.  As Tali says, if you can climb to the top you can do anything.  I’m not convinced of that but perseverance is a strength of mine. 

Brad, Lizzie, Kelly and Jess—the black yoga pants will be on the climb.  They are plenty broken in and they are basically the warmest thing next to my designer jeans I thought would come in handy in a third world country.  They are very comfy sitting at my desk for 10 hours.  We shall see how they hold up in ice, snow and rain.

Be back in touch January 7-8.  Have lots more stories but I am being forced off the computer for someone to go home.  They just don’t get the $$$ work thing here.