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Spending time in Arusha

January 11, 2009 • By

Some notes on my rest in Arusha. 

As I like to report on the fun things people say to me,  here are a few: 

“Pole Sana”  a phrase every single local says to me as I pass by on my crutches….It means so very sorry.  I have to then respond, “Asante Sana” (thank you very much).   After like the 300th time in a day, it gets a bit annoying but I’m appreciative of the sympathy. 

“Let me tell you Kelly you are not alone”  from my tour operator who apparently can never find me.  “Every time I call or stop by the front desk they tell me, ‘She is icing her foot.  She is watching DVD.  She is napping.  She went to the Internet cafe.’  This town is good to you.  You will be back.” 

“Are you sure you want to see Madagascar 2?”  says the cinema lady.  My response, yes, why is it sold out?  Cinema lady, “No but you don’t have any children with you.”  My response, well I really wanted to go to the sports bar on the 3rd floor but you don’t have a lift and I don’t have the energy to hop up 3 flights of stairs so basically it’s my only option.  Cinema lady, “ok so you don’t want to sit in the balcony?”  No I probably don’t want to hop up two floors either so I’ll take the ground.  She then escorts me into the theater and takes my crutches from me and I had to hop down the aisle anyway. 

I spent yesterday crutching around the main street to the ATM and the photo shop.  The hotel rented me a DVD player but the only movies they had were Hotel Rwanda which skipped, The Last King of Scotland – I watched, Little Miss Sunshine – I’ve already seen 3 times and Pans Labyrinth the Spanish version (I had no choice).  Thankfully, I spent a few hours out of the hotel yesterday but I appreciate all of your emails to occupy some of my time.

I’m off to the Serengeti with Herman the guide tomorrow.  He assessed the situation like this, “We will just get some pads for the ice box and you can put your foot on top of there.”  He also explained to me I need to wear white because the Tsete flies are very bad where we are going but they don’t like white.  Does that mean they will or will not eat me?  Case still open on that one. 

Also, I had a second run-in with a crazy Quebec lady who is either a nurse or was a nurse or is a tour lady or wants to be a tour lady.  I cannot figure it out but she was very unhappy with the way I re-wrapped my foot and literally bend over took off all the bandages, manhandled my foot and re-wrapped it and told me to go take more ibuprofen.  I did.  I was afraid of what else she would do. 

Wildebeest Migration and Buffaloes here I come.  Remember Tanzanians only work until 1 pm on Saturday and only a few shops are open on Sunday and this one is closing at 2 pm.  Adios.