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Safari or Bust

January 12, 2009 • By

I finally made my exit from the Arusha Hotel into the big bad world. It was a sad good-bye as I said my farewells to the entire restaurant staff who literally walked me to the front entrance. Herman, my safari guide was there waiting. He hoisted me up into the 4×4 where an elevated concoction awaited my ankle. Secure in the truck I made my Miss America wave to 5 staff standing on the front steps (waving back to me). They sure know how to give a proper send off. They were probably hoping big tipper Kelly would be back again soon.

After a stop to the ATM and a workout at the Shop Rite, we were off to Tarangine National Park. Should you think I am crazy please pay attention to the following: Herman is one of those jolly souls who talks to everyone he sees. Shop after shop he would disappear and leave me melting in the car. I would probably have ventured out but as I am “hop along” it wasn’t worth the effort. When Herman came back to find me crutching back from the bathroom, he asked,”where did you go to?” I said, Herman, I am more than willing to take care of myself but these stops were not on the itinerary and I am baking. No more stops. His response, “OH YOU ARE STRONG KELLY VERY STRONG.” You got that right buddy now get me out of here.

We arrived at Tarangine National Park and were promptly greeted with a guy wearing a mask and a hose that looked like he would soon be spraying me with fertilizer. I wasn’t all wrong as he told me to close the windows (did I mention I was baking) so he could spray for Tsetse flies (tee see). Ahhh I knew there was a reason I was told to wear white. After a quick email consultation with Joyce, I learned I’ll now have a torn ligament, blistered hands-yep not getting better- and now sleeping disease. Actually, if you think about it, sleeping disease might cure all the rest of my ailments.

Going to try to use my bum foot tomorrow since I’ve realized squatting to pee with one foot only causes unnecessary accidents (sorry mom I know I was under strict instructions to stop sharing) and Herman the guide offered to help me shower. Yikes!!!!!!

I did see 11 lions devouring a Buffalo today and the migration of the zebras and wildebeests is a outstanding. More on that tomorrow.

Me, the mosquitoes and the Tsetse flies are calling it a night.